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15-22th Of March 2014



After a long search we found:

  Johann Kerschdorfer
  Dorfstrasse 12
  A - 6272 Kaltenbach
  Tel.: +43 5283 2392 0

According to google maps 937 km from Utrecht, about 8 hours drive


  • 1x 1 bed = 1 person -> Attilla called dibs
  • 1x 3 1person beds = 3 people
  • 1x double-bed bedroom = 2 people -> Jildou & Failbaitr called dibs
  • 3x double-bed + couch bedrooms = 6+3 people


6 Bedrooms, 12 beds, incl couches; sleeping space for 15 people

Atm all the rooms are occupied by a minimum of one person. Extra people are welcome, but you'd have to share a room (if even more people join maybe a double bed) or you'd have to sleep on the couch.


  • Total price € 2650,00 including „Ortstaxe“ and final cleaning.
  • Everyone who's joining will transfer 442 euro to Jildou (2650 / 6), pm her for details.
    • If more people will join, and thus the houseprice / people will be cheaper, the surplus money will be used for dinner foods

Who's joining

Definitly joining

  • James
  • Failbaitr
  • Will-Do
  • Attilla
  • FooBar
  • Brainsmoke
  • wollviech

Will-Do has made the booking... any cancellations now will not be accepted unless you either still pay or find someone to replace you.


Available cars

  • Failbaitrs car, Toyota Auris, room for 3 people + ski's, benzine+electricity, not expensive, will be mandatory taken with us, from Lwd
  • Attillas car, room for 3 people + ski's, cheap and big so why not use this too, from Utrecht
  • Foobars car, smal so maybe not the best option, from den Haag
  • James' car, diesel, from the UK
  • Wollviech's car, up to 3 passengers plus skis, from Vienna. Can pick up people in Rosenheim (Nighttrain CNL 1319 from Amsterdam to Munich, Railjet RJ 61 from Munich to Rosenheim. ETA for RJ61 is around 8:15 AM) along the way.

Time when which can will be leaving from where

  • Failbaitrs car will leave from Leeuwarden at [time][date]
    • Most efficient route: Lwd -> Zwolle -> Apeldoorn -> Arnhem -> Dusseldorf -> Koln -> Frankfurt -> Nurnberg -> Munchen -> Austria
  • Attilla's car will leave from Utrecht at [time][date]
    • Most efficient route: Utrecht -> Arnhem -> see above
  • James' car will be in [city] in the Netherlands at [time][date]

Useful info

  • Note from the house owner: Please bring some towles with you!
  • There will be no wifi in the apartment (yet), but there will be in the hotel nearby
  • You can already get your skipass online if you have a credit card (visa / mastercard)
  • There's a possibility to get breakfast / dinner in the hotel:
  Extras in the Hotel Landhaus Kerschdorfer****:
  breakfast: € 7,- pro Person
  dinner (5-Gang Wahlmenü): € 17,50 pro Person
  Breakkfast & dinner: € 22,50 pro Person