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Megazap 9001

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Megazap 9001

For the eth0:2012 summer scavhunt one of the challenges was to aleviate our real life bug problem.

As the eth0 summer site is located in a forest next to a lake an unprecendeted amount of flying critters had made their way to the camp in search of blikenlights while in the process annoying the hackers. However, before the bugs where capable of mounting a propper attack, two (Eighdot, Sa007) of the visitors devised a plan to create the largest bug zapper ever seen.

There's a floodlight inside the now reused microwave oven instead of the microwave tube that used to be there as we have no intentions of frying the visitors. The floodlight is used as a ballast to prevent the transformer burning out due the shorting of the zapper by bugs. As the floodlight is connected to in series with the primary of the transformer, it lights up as soon as a bug "closes" the circuit.

Tech specs

  • 1m square
  • Powered by a microwave
  • 2.4Kv
  • 500W power limited through a floodlight
  • 6m up in the sky on a scaffold
  • 2x 400w son-t attraction lamps









<video type="youtube2" id="H4Hl3NLN-qQ" position="left" /> <video type="youtube2" id="M92W3wJFhNs" position="left" /> <video type="youtube2" id="wYenANBM3Io" position="left" />

Future plans

  • SNMP capabilities
  • Graphing of zaps through rrdtool
  • Realtime campsite bug extermination heatmap