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Wiki usage

Basic Rules

  • Please keep the wiki organized
  • Do not add illegal or offending material
  • Do not edit articles you shouldn't edit. Yes, this is an open wiki, but respect the work of others
  • Do not post Copyrighted material without proper permissions
  • Discussions are to be held in the 'discussion' tabs, next to the article name on the top of the page
  • Use common sense

Best practices

  • Use CamelCase for page naming, and Camel:Case for special pages
  • Add Category tags where possible, this can be done by appending [[Category:Name]] to the end of the page
  • If one disagrees with the content of others, please discuss this in the discussion tab
  • When using the discussion tab, please finish your sentence with the special markup code -- ~~~~, this will add a neat timestamp and a link to your user page

Useful templates

Pasting a {{template}} on a page results in categorization and easier editing. The following templates are often used on this wiki:

  • {{Summer2010}} - Everything related to the summer 2010 event
  • {{Har2009}} - Everything related to HAR 2009
  • {{refresh}} - When working with dynamic list and semantic stuff; purges the page
  • {{lol}} - For nonsense pages


Creating YES/NO/Present tables

Use {{Yes}} and {{no}} to keep clarity in attendance lists. Example (copy from source):

Name 8 May 9 May 13 May 15 May 22 May 23 May 24 May Other
Stitch No, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, No
Aequitas Yes I can, Yes, ?

Helpfull links


  • Play around in the Sandbox, this is a special page for testing purposes.