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Eth0:2017 Winter/T-shirts

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These tshirts have debuted on Eth0. If you want to be included in the 2nd order, please state so below or contact Will-do (irc / ).

If you really want a different colour, or prefer a different size, contact Will-Do. As long as lists the option, it should be possible, prices can vary.

We will send you your goods by hackerspace mail, or we can send it to your home if you give us your address (and shipping costs).

We're collecting orders till the 1st of March, and will order asap after that.

(Expected delivery (to Lwd) 13-19th of March, arrival at your home: depending on hackerspace mail or 2 days after we have received the clothing and your money)

The final price depends on the size of the order. Please make sure Will-Do has a way to contact you to give you the final price and the information on how to pay

unfortunately the 'female' hoodies aren't available in the same blue colour as the male/unisex hoodies, but you can order any other colour that's available on spreadshirt See -> sweaters -> "vrouwen premium hoodie"

2nd order

Name Shirt/Hoodie Baby/kids/mens/mens premium/womens Size Amount Contact/extra info
CrazyA Hoodie 2x Mens XL XL 2
dmt ladies shirt ladies L 1 would like to order this shirt in color: 'houtskool' if possible
Your name/nick Shirt/Hoodie version size 0

Total amount of the order: 2

Standard price

There will be a % deduction depending on the size of the order.

  • Shirt Male: €22.99
  • Shirt Male Premium (3XL - 5XL): €24,99
  • Shirt Female: €23,99
  • Shirt Kids: €20,99
  • Shirt Baby: €22,99
  • Hoodie Male & female: €39,99

(example: the first order had 33 pieces of clothing and 28% deduction)


"Better hide your data". The shirt is only readable when decrypted (by reading the text on the front and back next to each other). All the shirts can be combined to get to this sentence.

These are the designs:

Eth02017 shirts (max XXL)

Eth02017 shirts (XXL and XXXL - mention your colour when you order, from left to right: Blue/purple, red, navy)

And this are the sizes:

Eth02017 shirts (max XXL) Eth02017 shirts (>XXL)

Eth02017 shirts

Eth02017 shirts Eth02017 shirts

Eth02017 shirts Eth02017 shirts