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Eth0:2011 Winter Feedback

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Please leave your feedback on the eth0:2011 Winter event. This is not a discussion page; add your feedback in the way you've experienced it. We'll use this to enhance the next event.

Feedback by Stitch

  • + Enjoyed the event, all the people and everything that happened :)
  • + Musics, i'm still playing B-Complex :)
  • - Had to do so much stuff i've missed out on some lectures and things i wanted to see.
  • - Toilets weren't neatly clean on the last day :(
  • - Kitchentools made insane noise sometimes

Feedback by diggie

  • + Had a great time with loads of fun and good and solid workshops/activity in both labs
  • + HackDonalds was great and well executed (kudos to Smokkelaar!)
  • - Did way too much driving around the country for this event
  • - Lost loads of sleep ;)

Feedback by BugBlue

  • + Relaxed
  • + Nice smoking lounge
  • + Nice indoor lounge
  • + Good beds
  • + Very good location with nice opportunities . (bubble bath FTW)
  • + Nice people
  • + Bar
  • + Sleeping opportunities (next time I might even use them)
  • - Music was hacked by hackers
  • - 24/7 Pron, ascii art pron, snmp community pron (nothing against it but shut it off when you walk your kids around)
  • - Food (not the quality, more the taste-ability)

Feedback by Mijke

  • + good location/accomodation
  • + nice people (nice irc - irl - this is me - who are you - waving contests)
  • + uploading your own music
  • + nice and cute nerds uploading my music! (and upgrading my laptop. Erhm, after first messing up my current intall, but still.. thanks! <3)
  • + nice noms
  • + a great deal of trust between the organisation and the guests
  • - as n00b i couldn't upload my own music ;p
  • - no 'next' voting option
  • - smell of sweaty feet
  • - no dancefloor! would've liked to see some nerds dancing :')

Feedback by Wilco

  • + Location was great and nicely decorated
  • + Met some very nice people and saw some others which I already knew
  • + Very open to newcomers, no feeling of being left out or anything (Thank you, you're awesome!)
  • + Decent food for vegetarians (Thank you so much, despite me being difficult! :))
  • + Women! (At a nerd event, awesome \o/)
  • + Good prices for the food stamps
  • + Nice lounge, the mattresses are great (although they can't be trusted )
  • - Too many people sniffing network traffic, not very good for the n00bs, maybe provide simple, but secure VPNs to the uplink next time?
  • - Toilets not very clean the last day (but I wouldn't want to put it on the organisation to clean them, guests should keep 'em cleaner)
  • - TMI on BugBlue in the bathtub :P

Feedback by FYI

  • + Wilco: Very open to newcomers, no feeling of being left out or anything (Thank you, you're awesome!) +1
  • + Lots of surplus /available equipment (beamers, e.d.) open to ad-hoc project things, vj'ing or just movies.
  • + Good wireless coverage/network
  • + FTP with HAR recordings and all kinda of hard-to-come-by coverage or presentations.
  • + Visit from Fablab on wheels, always a plus.
  • + (from the people on the event) great respect of others belongings and gear. Could leave stuff lying around without having to worry about their safety.
  • - Digital (with fingers that is) ticket processing was slow (plus poor guy that had to type it all out).
  • - Black benches had a tendency to shift around when leaning against them.
  • - Unsecured network. Either put guides on the wiki or do some matter of securing (mostly to prevent POST and GET sniffing).
  • - No signs spotted for people walking to the event (lightposts were out as well?) Maybe put up some sign/beacon combo deal light thing to mark the route.

Feedback by Murf

  • + very positive atmosphere
  • + the Hacker Beer really FLEW :-)
  • + the bar, next time I'd LOVE to have that same professional and HUGE bar again
  • + nice workshops and talks, I guess, haven't seen any of them unfortunately
  • + the lounge was just great
  • + very safe environment, no need to worry about your personal belongings
  • + beds where awesome
  • - the sniffing, I understand the humour and nature, but to be honest, I think it should be disallowed or at least with all usernames and passwords removed
  • - toilets where clogged :-)
  • - let a real DJ do it's thing and make the twitterDJ more accessible (AND controllable by the bartenders)
  • - some general FTP dump, well accessible for all who care (I really HAD 40G of freshly ripped MP3's with me, but no place to leave them behind, sorry guys)
  • - barstools where missing, so less incentive for people to just hang around a bit at the bar (and as a bartender, people just hanging around is just very nice)
  • - next time I won't run 19 hour barshifts again just because I feel responsible and as a result have to leave early (really, I know, that was my own stupid mistake)
  • - prices of the food could've been little less, the beer was fair though
  • - wouldn't hurt if people actually cleaned up their own mess they made in the lounge and NOT just toss "klokhuizen" on the tables, kthnx!

Feedback by ????

  • +

  • -