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For Summer 2010, you can allready add your own team, although the form might not be the clearest of things ;). If you need a mailinglist, and don't know yours yet... contact Brainsmoke. (refresh table)

TeamContactShort DescriptionNeeds you
AVFoobarMedia is true
DesignSummer2010Will-Dodesign, "sfeer-beheer", terrain art, merchandise
FinanceElmerFinance from the finance tower
First-Aid / SecurityCinderGiving kisses to scratch-wounds & Being the sheriff
Infohelpdesk$contactProviding info
LightKingOfDosShiny lights
LogisticsAequitasMoving the right stuff to the right place at the right time
NetworkMishMashYes we can haz networkz! \o/
Program/LecturesFooBarTalks, enlightenment through knowledge
Radio/StreamBrenno ( noise trough the interwebz
RetroStitchRetrogaming, slacking, consoles, 8 bit madness
Telecom{{{Contact}}}Dect coverage and phone network
TrafficThyrifParking, Instructions
VolunteerspluisjeGetting random people for random tasks

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